How Capri Global is fostering entrepreneurship

We are on a mission of building a financially empowered India, by enabling entrepreneurs from the MSME sector to be financially self-reliant. We wish to eliminate the financial barrier one has to cross in pursuit of his/her dream. We, at Capri Global believe that everyone has the right to progress and lack of funds shouldn’t […]

The role of women in the Indian economy & why we need to fund them

Women have played a pivotal role in helping the growth of the Indian economy. It is estimated that women contribute approximately 17-18% of the total GDP. Although they are strong in the farming and dairy sector, India’s rapid urbanization has not yet encouraged more women to join the labour force. Women’s contribution to the country’s […]

Five simple steps to getting your dream home

As a home buyer, you expect fast, flexible and fair housing finance with transparent processes. We understand that you have evolved and so have your needs to understand the process of acquiring a home loan. At Capri Global, we believe that every experience counts and having a simple process in place is the first step […]

Health of the NBFC Sector, and Why it Matters!

Economic growth in the dynamic world we live in, depends to a great extent on start-ups and their progress. The optimistic goal of attaining a $5 trillion economy by 2024, presented by the NDA government, will only be possible if the MSMEs contribution to the GDP grows to 50% from 29%. Whether to meet operational […]

Powering the entrepreneurs who power the economy

Capri Global opens doors for MSME loan seekers in 2019. The Indian business landscape boasts numerous success stories of entrepreneurs and MSMEs. These are shining examples of passion, courage and business acumen shaping the future of India. In many ways they are powering the growth engine of this economy. In keeping with our commitment to […]

Can the Co-origination Model Help Target New Market Segments?

Bank credit act as fuel for economic growth. The funds pumped into the economy helps boost investments and demand which in turn results in the increased returns. However, both private and public sector banks have strict eligibility criteria, making access nearly impossible for the financial weaker section of the society. In order to finance the […]

Will new reform policies destress NBFCs liquidity?

Before we get into the reforms and policies being established by the government to help deal with the liquidity crunch, let’s briefly discuss what got them there- the IL&FS crisis of 2018. During August 2018, Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services defaulted in the repayment of their obligations to SIDBI. At the time, no one suspected […]

Why Risk Management is the Key to the Survival of NBFCs

While a few NBFCs exhibited robust growth, most disruptive and conservative NBFCs weren’t left unscathed by the current downtime. And though the government has created reforms and policies to get NBFCs back on track, the road ahead is neither short or smooth, making it important to strengthen their risk management frameworks. Risk management impacts and NBFCs potential […]

Future-Ready Firms Turn to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities for Growth

Even as a developing nation, economic growth, and opportunities across the major cities are now well on their way towards being saturated. And, what happens when the fastest growing cities in India aren’t developing as fast anymore? No. This doesn’t mean the end of development or progress but rather a chance to go beyond Tier 1 […]

Invest in a Non-banking Financial Company

Why Should You Invest In A Non-Banking Financial Company?  “Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant” -P. T. Barnum While it is undeniable that money makes the world go round, it’s what you do with it that truly makes a difference. Money management is a tricky business because portfolios differ from person to […]

Women empowerment in Indian Economy

Rebalancing India’s Economy As history dictates, women globally,have faced an uphill battle on an uneven playing field to earn the right to be treated as equal citizens, both legally and socially. In India, discrimination and marginalisation is evident even in political and economic involvement, access to education and decision-making positions. While the feminist movement has made great strides, struggle is still prevalent today. In […]

Capri Global in the Face of Financial Crisis

Capri in the Face of Financial Crisis A decade ago, a kirana store owner could not even consider approaching the bank for a loan. If a poorly educated woman wished to start her own boutique, she was better off reaching out to her relatives than getting sucked into the time-consuming process of borrowing from a bank that would eventually deem her […]

A Day in the Life of a Salesman at Capri Global

A day in the Life of a Salesman “IN THE END, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CONNECT. ALWAYS, THE CONNECT”  –Amar (Head Of Sales At Capri Global) It’s been two fruitful months of getting to know Dikshaji Patel. She has been a source of inspiration for me. I remember the day, 14th December 2018 when I first approached her […]

CSR Activites at Capri Global

Enabling a Culture of genuine responsibility What CSR means at Capri Global When we initiate our CSR activities, there’s always an intention to touch lives and make a difference in the society for its betterment and progress by enveloping a sizable population into our shelter of care that harvests seeds of a sustainable development. It is our endeavour […]

Socio Economic Growth in Low Income Group

West Meets East “THERE IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT POVERTY. WHAT IS NEW, HOWEVER, IS THAT WE HAVE THE RESOURCES TO GET RID OF IT.” -MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. ‘Financial inclusion’ has been one of the more popular socio-economic growth concepts in India. The term has been defined as providing financial services to the low-income group […]

Steps about Banking the Unbanked

Banking The Unbanked The unguarded territory As of 2018, there are 46 million MSMEs (Micro, small and medium enterprises) in India. They belong to the low-income groups of our society for which there is no formal credit system being offered by the banks. However, this sector contributes to 38% of the total GDP and offers 106 million jobs nationwide. […]

Financial Technology and use of Artificial Intelligence

Whistle Blowers Why it’s crucial to use Artificial Intelligence to our Advantage Your workplace is your second home and your colleagues are next to kin. That’s because we spend a very large part of our lives in office. We all face our deepest emotions during work hours. The joy of accomplishing targets and getting that needed paid […]

Effective Client Servicing Strategy for Business

Effective communication with clients can prove to be a vital factor in shaping up your business. Remember, the relationship with the client doesn’t end with a business transaction. For future retention of the client, it is imperative for a business to ensure that the client is satisfied by the products and services provided by the […]

Licenses and Permissions for Business

As an entrepreneur in the MSME sector, it is imperative for you to keep a periodic check on whether your business is compliant with the mandatory licenses and permissions necessary for your business. Having these permissions and licenses issued by various regulatory bodies in the state can ensure a smooth functioning of your business without […]

How to manage your SME loan and where to spend it in your business

So, the SME loan you applied for has been credited in your account. While this is great development for your business and your money matters have been sorted, here are a few things that you can start doing immediately after receiving the loan that will positively impact your enterprise.  1. Have a repayment plan in […]

Marketing and Environmental Sustainability for MSME

A good marketing strategy in place ensures that the products offered by your enterprise are sought out for in the market. While marketing is a valuable tool that entrepreneurs must integrate in their business, the next two decades will also require equal emphasis on social and environmental sustainability for flourishing the MSME sector. Many a […]

Unlocking the enormous potential in women Entrepreneurs at Capri Global

There is a huge credit deficit in the businesses run by women entrepreneurs in the country. Women are often not projected as highly in leadership roles in the MSME sector and are engaged in the informal, low skilled sector. We at CGCL have a counter view on this. We believe that women, who are the […]

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