Impact on GST on Your Loan Account with Capri Global

The Goods and Service Tax rolled out earlier this year is the biggest tax reform since Independence and is a game changer for various businesses. There is a lot of anxiety in the minds of various stake holders of the financial services business. So how is GST going to affect your loan with CGCL. Is […]

5 New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

We have all made new year resolutions year after year with personal targets kept in mind. We want to pay attention towards losing weight, kick a vice, reading more books and so on. New year resolutions always bring along with them excitement and a deadline to adhere to. Accomplishing these resolutions have a profound sense […]

Benefit your business by taking your staff on a weekend holiday

Human resources are the most crucial ones in deciding the success of a business. While you may have formulated the policies, it is the people who are going to implement it. Remember the happy index of the staff can contribute majorly to the success of your venture. Long working hours, strict deadlines and the environment […]

Various terms in loan transactions

As per 2017 estimates, the MSME sector consists of 51 million units and provides employment to over 117 million persons. The sector cont… Eligibility: A number of factors like age, gross/net income etc are taken into consideration by a financial institution to determine whether an applicant is eligible for taking a loan product. The assessment made […]