Current Initiatives

As a part of giving back to society, we strive to leverage our core competencies towards sustainable development of local communities. For achieving this goal, CGCL has launched multiple programmes covering areas of education, livelihood development, healthcare and sanitation.


Women Empowerment & Livelihood

We at Capri believe that “Financial literacy & Entrepreneurship” is a prerequisite for women to efficiently manage their personal and household finances and equip them with prudent decision making regarding financial products. It also aids in preventing over-indebtedness and cultivating a sense of entrepreneurship among women. Our core initiatives for Women Empowerment includes – Strengthening and capacity building of Self Help Groups. Digital, legal and financial literacy. Foster the abilities of women to become Entrepreneurs and access to Employability. 

Our Reach - 3000+ Women

Reaching out to more than

9000+ Beneficiaries

15+ Partners

which includes government departments, private corporations, NGO's and Educational institute

10+ Projects

we are currently implementing

Health & Nutrition

Addressing the malnutrition challenge in the Indian context is one of the key focus area of CSR of Capri because of the alarming statistics that we have in the country and the inter-generational consequences in the problem has. Given the multi-factor and complex nature of the issue of malnutrition effectively and at scale. The effort broadly, has been to look for existing and emerging ‘platforms’ to deliver enhanced nutrition for the children from inaccessible communities.

Our reach 1250+ children


Since its inception, education has been one of the key focus areas of Capri CSR. Ensuring quality education for children, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, is the central goal of the Capri’s education portfolio. We at Capri, focus on access, quality and inclusion of education as part of our intervention agenda. This means ensuring children of school-going age are in schools and are availing all the necessary educational facilities including quality infrastructure, sanitation facilities and access to learning aids even at the Government schools.

Our Reach -4900+ children
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