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Getting started with Capri Global

Find answers to all your questions here. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you are going to avail our loans, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles.

Fill up enquiry form at website or contact at the customer care no’s, we will love to serve you.

At Capri we ensure that minimum documents are collected and evaluation is done of your proposal. We require below mentioned documents: ID proofs, address proofs, Bank statements, Property Papers, Financials

At Capri each case undergoes a thorough evaluation process. We normally take 7 to 15 working days to decision the loan depending upon sufficient fulfillment of requirements.

Kindly refer the section schedule of charges.

Capri offers Equated instalment as well as Structured installment options for tenors 12 to 120 months.

You can speak to the Relationship Manager for more details on this.

Other questions

We have customized income programs to calculate your loan eligibility which takes into account your actual income. We will determine your loan eligibility largely by your income and repayment capacity and collateral offered. Other important factors include your age, qualification, number of dependents, your spouse’s income (if any), Other Income, Assets & Liabilities, Savings History and the Stability & Continuity of occupation.

Our interest rates depend upon creditworthiness and market conditions.

Your requirement is assessed on the following parameters: Quantitative Parameters 1. Financial Ratios 2. Sales Turnover and Profitability Record 3. Credit History Qualitative Parameters 1. Management Details / Shareholding Pattern 2. Understanding Business Models through Personal Discussions 3. Industry

Minimum age of the self employed applicant should be 25 years & Maximum age of 65 years.

Following will be taken as security 1. The Asset financed (Equipment proforma Invoice mandatory prior to disbursement in all cases) 2. Hypothecation endorsement in the invoice and insurance (Including Transit Insurance) to be present before disbursement of loan along with Equipment Loan cum Hypothecation agreement. 3. Additional Property collateral or any suitable collateral such as Fixed Deposits and LIC policies (as specified from time to time by us)

The rate of interest varies depending upon your loan amount, property type, income etc and this will be communicated to you by our sales representatives.

The stages involved are: 1. Application 2. Processing 3. Documentation 4. Sanctioning of the loan 5. Disbursement

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January 22, 2019
Five simple steps to getting your dream home

As a home buyer, you expect fast, flexible and fair housing finance with transparent processes. We understand that you have evolved and so have your needs to understand the process of acquiring a home loan.

At Capri Global, we believe that every experience counts and having a simple process in place is the first step to delivering a seamless experience every time. Here’s a broad outline of what your home loan roadmap with Capri Global would look like today:

  • Kick-start your application process –  A Capri Global representative collects documents required (from your home or office) and helps you fill the application form.
  • Get your EMI calculation done by experts – Factors such as the loan amount, loan tenure, monthly income and interest rates are analysed to arrive at the EMI.
  • Speedy verification of all documents – After verifying all your documents to affirm eligibility, a sanction will be issued in your favour.
  • Loan agreement process is initiated – The loan agreement is executed with a disbursal request after you understand all the necessary details of fulfilment and support.
  • Loan amount transferred to your account – The loan amount will be credited to your bank account. Now it’s time to think about your new home and your life there.

Also, don’t miss out on these important facts before starting-off on your home loan journey.

  • Start cleaning up your credit history as it is first thing that shows up during the verification process.
  • Ensure all previous loans are paid off or the payments are not overdue for any existing loan.
  • Maintain a good credit balance every month and ensure there is no chance of any cheques bouncing.
  • Make sure all your documents are in place before beginning the loan application process.

Here is a handy list of the important documents needed – Bank statements of 6 months to a year, proof of business, salary slips, balance sheets/ P&L statements, Form 16s from previous three years, identity and residency proofs.

Looking for your future residence also calls for a partner who is equally invested in your future. At Capri Global, you will find the perfect partner who can advise you on every step to ensure your future investment is secured. Count on us to help you move into your home and making great memories.

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January 22, 2019
Health of the NBFC Sector, and Why it Matters!

Economic growth in the dynamic world we live in, depends to a great extent on start-ups and their progress. The optimistic goal of attaining a $5 trillion economy by 2024, presented by the NDA government, will only be possible if the MSMEs contribution to the GDP grows to 50% from 29%. Whether to meet operational expenses or make capital ones to grow their businesses, these MSMEs count on the credit they receive from various sources. Even with a number of loan schemes set up to meet their needs, the sector faces a Rs 16.66 lakh crore credit gap.

The NBFC sector hope to bridge this gap through customised products that are built based on a deep understanding of micro markets in tandem with the advances in technology that enable data driven unwriting models at risk-based prices. They service 20% of their credit needs today but the liquidity crisis that hit the sector could prove to be a challenge to this credit growth.

Apart from supporting the growth engines of our country, NBFC sector in India drives financial inclusion and contributes to nation building in many other ways: 

  • Delivering investment opportunities- NBFCs help individuals convert surplus funds / savings into investments. The liquidity woes that followed the IL&FS default have led to the common misconception that all NBFCs are a credit risk. However, investing in an NBFC can be a safe bet if you take the necessary precautionary measures. It is critical to consider the companies’ credit rating, assets and liabilities, and its overall stability before you invest.
  • Creating jobs and boosting employment- Much like a ripple in the water, the impact of NBFCs isn’t restricted to the immediate lives they touch. They provide access to credit to organizations across the board that would consequently boost human capital requirements.
  • Attracting FDIs- More than money, it’s the opportunities created. The funds that NBFCs pump into Indian companies help them grow and get noticed by investors both within the country and beyond every boundary.
  • Customised solutions and services- The credit delivered opens doors for the underserved. It’s looped cycle where NBFCs convert savings into investments, investments into loans, which are then converted back investments but in a different form. The flexibility, speed and lenience they offer, enables the flow of credit to financially weaker individuals and organizations who are unable to get loans from other formal sources of credit.
  • Improving market capitalization- The finances disbursed by NBFCs also help boost the valuation of listed, publicly traded firms.
  • Facilitating loans to core sectors- NBFCs also target and serve industries such as infrastructure, transport, power, etc. that involve longer tenures. They offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of these borrowers.

NBFCs have become one of the key vehicles for the mobilization of funds among the underserved audience in India. NBFCs are a crucial part of our financial system and the well-being of the sector could be the difference between getting to or falling short of the 5 trillion finish line. Although they sector seems to be unsteady at the moment, a number of institutions like Capri Global continue in their steady march into the future with technology at the helm.

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January 22, 2019
Powering the entrepreneurs who power the economy

Capri Global opens doors for MSME loan seekers in 2019.

The Indian business landscape boasts numerous success stories of entrepreneurs and MSMEs. These are shining examples of passion, courage and business acumen shaping the future of India. In many ways they are powering the growth engine of this economy.

In keeping with our commitment to opening doors for MSMEs, Capri Global provides these game-changers the financial assistance they need to expand their businesses. For us, it is more than a question of providing loans. We are proud to be part of a movement that empowers visionaries and that our efforts complement MSMEs in their contribution to the government’s ‘Make in India’ mission. Here’s how we levelled the playing field for MSMEs seeking loans:

Unlocking new opportunities

According to data compiled by CIBIL’s MSME pulse report, only 16% of MSMEs were financed by the formal banking system. The funding gap for the Indian MSME sector currently stands at a staggering Rs 16.66 lakh crore and Capri Global is committed to bridging this divide. We see our mission as one of creating new possibilities for our customers through the loans we provide.                                                       

To bring MSME entrepreneurs closer to their goals, Capri provides credit based on a rich understanding of each business from a local and social standpoint.

By enabling easy and transparent funding to start-ups, Capri MSME loans have enabled numerous new opportunities.

Making it easy for those who know their true calling

Our services span across eight states, with 1800 professionals dedicated to simplifying the process and helping MSMEs scale new heights. that’s built-to-suit first-time entrepreneurs. We deliver ease of access to MSME loans, with the eligibility criteria built-to-suit first-time entrepreneurs. Our robust, fast-pace loan process that has helped about 61% of our benefactors. These are first generation entrepreneurs, who were earlier unable to access credit due to lack of security. Nearly 53% of them started their careers with our loans. We currently have an active borrower base of over 15,000 businesses with an Average Ticket Size of INR 15 Lakhs from enterprises ranging from trade to restaurants and small manufacturing units to private schools.

Enabling women entrepreneurs to make their mark

We understand the pulse of the market and know what women entrepreneurs need. Often, due to the unique demands of the industries they specialize in, they need additional credit and support. However, getting timely funds from MSME finance companies can become especially challenging for women entrepreneurs.

Capri Global ensures customised service through various features in its lending model that grant the flexibility and support SME women entrepreneurs in India. Thanks to the efforts of our employees on ground, 15% of the businesses supported by Capri Global are today led by women.

Capri believes in fostering and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. By providing loans and facilitating the process to Indian entrepreneurs, we hope to help them achieve their goals. It is an expression of our belief – that profit and purpose can be achieved together to drive a positive change for humanity.