Rebalancing India’s Economy

As history dictates, women globally,have faced an uphill battle on an uneven playing field to earn the right to be treated as equal citizens, both legally and socially. In India, discrimination and marginalisation is evident even in political and economic involvement, access to education and decision-making positions. While the feminist movement has made great strides, struggle is still prevalent today. In 2019, the hindrance […]

Capri in the Face of Financial Crisis

A decade ago, a kirana store owner could not even consider approaching the bank for a loan. If a poorly educated woman wished to start her own boutique, she was better off reaching out to her relatives than getting sucked into the time-consuming process of borrowing from a bank that would eventually deem her creditworthiness to be nil. Today, the scenario […]

Enabling a culture of genuine responsibility

What CSR means at Capri Global When we initiate our CSR activities, there’s always an intention to touch lives and make a difference in the society for its betterment and progress by enveloping a sizable population into our shelter of care that harvests seeds of a sustainable development. It is our endeavour to reduce the gap between the privileged […]

How an effective client servicing strategy can be helpful for business

Effective communication with clients can prove to be a vital factor in shaping up your business. Remember, the relationship with the client doesn’t end with a business transaction. For future retention of the client, it is imperative for a business to ensure that the client is satisfied by the products and services provided by the […]

Do you have all licenses and permissions for your business in place?

As an entrepreneur in the MSME sector, it is imperative for you to keep a periodic check on whether your business is compliant with the mandatory licenses and permissions necessary for your business. Having these permissions and licenses issued by various regulatory bodies in the state can ensure a smooth functioning of your business without […]

How to manage your SME loan and where to spend it in your business

So, the SME loan you applied for has been credited in your account. While this is great development for your business and your money matters have been sorted, here are a few things that you can start doing immediately after receiving the loan that will positively impact your enterprise.  1. Have a repayment plan in […]

Marketing and emphasis on environmental sustainability hold key for MSME

A good marketing strategy in place ensures that the products offered by your enterprise are sought out for in the market. While marketing is a valuable tool that entrepreneurs must integrate in their business, the next two decades will also require equal emphasis on social and environmental sustainability for flourishing the MSME sector. Many a […]

We unlock the enormous potential in women entrepreneurs

There is a huge credit deficit in the businesses run by women entrepreneurs in the country. Women are often not projected as highly in leadership roles in the MSME sector and are engaged in the informal, low skilled sector. We at CGCL have a counter view on this. We believe that women, who are the […]

6 tips from CGCL to entrepreneurs planning to start a business

It is extremely satisfying to own a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. But a lot goes into making a venture successful. If a new age entrepreneur takes care of the few basic but important things, nothing can stop the business from flourishing. We list below 6 tips that you can apply in your business […]

MSME: A silent revolution taking place in the country

The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) segment is expected to play a vital role in the growth of the Indian economy because of its tremendous potential to generate employment and bridge the urban-rural gap. The development of this segment is extremely important to meet the national imperatives of financial inclusion of various strata of […]

Impact on GST on your loan account with Capri Global Capital Limited

The Goods and Service Tax rolled out earlier this year is the biggest tax reform since Independence and is a game changer for various businesses. There is a lot of anxiety in the minds of various stake holders of the financial services business. So how is GST going to affect your loan with CGCL. Is […]

5 new year resolutions for entrepreneurs

We have all made new year resolutions year after year with personal targets kept in mind. We want to pay attention towards losing weight, kick a vice, reading more books and so on. New year resolutions always bring along with them excitement and a deadline to adhere to. Accomplishing these resolutions have a profound sense […]

How taking your staff on a weekend holiday can benefit your business?

Human resources are the most crucial ones in deciding the success of a business. While you may have formulated the policies, it is the people who are going to implement it. Remember the happy index of the staff can contribute majorly to the success of your venture. Long working hours, strict deadlines and the environment […]

Amazing facts about SME sector in India

Eligibility: A number of factors like age, gross/net income etc … As per 2017 estimates, the MSME sector consists of 51 million units and provides employment to over 117 million persons. The sector contributes 7% to India’s GDP while accounting for 45% of the total manufacturing output that contribute 40% of the exports from India. […]

Meaning of various terms used in loan transactions

As per 2017 estimates, the MSME sector consists of 51 million units and provides employment to over 117 million persons. The sector cont… Eligibility: A number of factors like age, gross/net income etc are taken into consideration by a financial institution to determine whether an applicant is eligible for taking a loan product. The assessment made […]

Advantages of taking a loan from Capri Global Capital Limited

We have all made new year resolutions year after year with personal targets kept in mind. We want to p… Have you ever been turned down by a bank or a financial institution for lack of stringent documentation? Or Has it taken a long time for you to get an approval or disbursal for loan? […]