Application Fees Up To Rs. 10,000/-
Processing Fees Up to 2% of the Facility Amount
CERSAI Charges per property Rs. 50/- for loans < Rs. 5 lacs and Rs. 100/- for loans > Rs. 5 lacs
Multiple Collateral Evaluation Charges ( for more than one property) Rs. 4,000/- per additional collateral
Legal Handling Charges (applicable in BT/Resale/ Allotment Transfer cases) Rs. 2,500/-
Stamp Duty Charges On actual
PDC/ ECS/ ACH Dishonor Charges Rs. 750/-
Late Payment Charges 36% per annum on outstanding dues
Retrieval charges for Copies of loan /property document in CGCL custody Rs. 500/- per instance
Conversion Charges Rs. 10,000/- or 0.50% of outstanding whichever is higher.
Foreclosure statement charges Rs. 500/-

Prepayment Charges %

Individual Loans Non-Individual Loans
Pre-payment is not allowed in first 12 Months from the date of first disbursal
Pre­payment (part/ full) charges to be Nil in Floating Rate Loans Part Pre­payment charges for amount upto 25% of Principal Outstanding to be Nil. All part prepayments made within last 12 months to be included to decide the total pre­payment amount and corresponding charges applicable
Pre­payment charges to be Nil during the Floating ROI tenor of Semi­ Fixed Loans Pre­payment charges (part/ full) to be 5% from 13­- 24th month from the date of 1st disbursal

Pre­payment charges (part/ full) to be 3% from 25th month onwards from the date of 1st disbursal
Prepayment charges to be at par with Non-Individual Loans during the Fixed ROI tenor of Semi­ Fixed Loans Part­prepayment amount to be minimum 3 EMI amount

Part­prepayments allowed 4 times in any Financial Year, once every quarter

All charges stated herein are exclusive of G.S.T. as applicable from time to time. Charges mentioned in Loan Agreement if otherwise will supersede the above standard schedule of charges. All Charges stated above are subject to change at the discretion of CGCL. The above charges are applicable w.e.f. July 1st 2017.