Careers life at cgcl

Life at CGCL is a homogenous balance of work and fun at workplace.

As a member of the CGCL team, you will chalk out a career plan while working with your leader, providing you with treasured coaching and feedback. We help employees find the right place in the organization by encouraging them to work in different lines of business and career areas throughout their odyssey at CGCL.

Cultivating a happy, positive and healthy work environment runs in our DNA.

In fact our culture is inspired from 3 vital elements:

  • Mutual Trust & Respect
  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Appreciation & Acknowledgement
Life at cgcl

We are constantly knitting HR policies & Benefits for our employees’ emotional and physical well-being.


We continuously build avenues to engage our talent across businesses and locations. Our employees participate in diverse initiatives right from Corporate Social Responsibility Projects to firming up our important organizational policies. This helps us foster a culture of emotional commitment, inclusiveness and belonging.

Rewards and recognition

Rewards & Recognition
We like to inspire our people and recognize them for the extra efforts and contributions across all levels and locations. Our reward framework program infuses a healthy, competitive and positive environment. We believe in expressing the appreciations in formal & informal ways and through monetary as well as non-monetary forms.