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  • Capri MSME loans are available to micro enterprises which are primarily self-employed individuals running small business units like provision stores, retail outlets, handicraft, micro-manufacturing units etc. or providing services such as education, transportation, healthcare etc. We also cater to self-employed individuals running small enterprises with formal income documentation.

  • Purposes like business expansion, working capital requirements, purchasing fixed assets, other business / personal needs, etc.

  • Capri MSME Loans is provided up to ₹50 lakhs

  • Capri MSME Loans are offered against security which can be all types of property like residential, commercial, industrial built-up or plot.

  • Capri MSME Loans are available for a tenure up to 15 years.

  • Capri MSME Loans are offered at most competitive interest rates to meet your expectations. We offer both Floating and Semi-Fixed interest rate loans where interest rate is fixed during the initial three years and then-after it converts to floating rate.

Benefits of Capri MSME Loans

  • Avail higher loan amount through customized loan solutions. Thus, lack of financial papers is not a hindrance to us.

  • Transfer your existing loan for lower pricing with an option of availing additional top up loan.

  • Avail our loan at your doorstep in a hassle-free manner with minimum documentation.
  • Various MSME loan schemes to suit your needs.

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